Best Mutual Funds for Retirement Planning

Everyone wants to live a safe and secure life, especially post-retirement. When we are young, we have a lot of opportunities, make mistakes and thereby, learn from them. But as we approach retirement, we need to have enough capital to live independently.

If you believe that you should invest in EPF, PPF, NSC, fixed deposits and other conventional investment schemes, you may do so. But the return on investment will not be enough to beat the inflation rate. Most of these debt instruments provide a fixed rate of return, usually around 8 percent. On the other hand, the inflation rate has been advancing at around 10 percent.

So if you analyze carefully, your actual return on investment will be negative. This is the reason you should look for other investment alternatives. The best alternative is mutual funds. Before we list some of the top performing mutual funds in India for retirement planning, we will highlight certain aspects to consider while investing in mutual funds.

Retirement Planning

Factors Affecting Investment for Retirement Planning

  • When you are young, you have the ability of to take risks. This means that you can undertake investments in risky portfolios like equities. As you advance towards retirement, you can shift your investments to low-risk portfolios like debt instruments. So, let’s assume, you started investments at the age of 30. You can take risks and invest in high-risk In the process, you will gain knowledge about the financial market. When you reach 45 or 50, you can opt for low-risk mutual funds. This way, you will potentially eliminate the risk of losing your money when you are about to retire.
  • Always keep a balanced investment portfolio. Don’t risk all your money in equities or don’t get stagnant with debt instruments. Keep a mix of equities, debt, gold, etc to keep your portfolio balanced. Moreover, keep changing it every year. The change is very important for gaining practical knowledge related to the financial
  • You don’t need to rely on certain sector or theme for your investments. We admit that it may provide lucrative returns. But when you are on the verge of retirement, you should avoid taking risks.
  • You can still consider investing in EPF, PPF, NSC’s and other fixed return schemes. This will strengthen your investment portfolio. You will be guaranteed of the return on investment for your secure future.
Age Mutual Funds
25-40 Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Growth

Franklin India Prima Plus – Growth

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities – Growth

41-50 Kotak Select Focus Fund – Regular – Growth

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular – Growth

SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund – Growth

51-55 Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 – Growth

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular – Growth

SBI Bluechip Fund – Growth

56 and above ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund – Regular – Growth

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular – Growth

DSP BlackRock Income Opportunities Fund – Regular Plan – Growth

Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 – Growth

Although the performance of mutual funds is unpredictable, these mutual funds have been performing well over a period of time. So, you can consider investing your money at different stages of life according to the given table.

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