Fancy a Job as a Construction Safety Officer? Read On

Construction is one of the riskiest industries. The construction workers are almost always working under one or the other form of risk. But, the good news here is that most of the construction site accidents can be curbed if proper care is taken. And, it is the construction safety officer who is responsible for creating that safe working environment on construction sites.

Here we will discuss an overview of the responsibilities of a construction safety officer.

Policy and Regulation Maintenance

Safety officers are responsible to develop, implement and enforce the safety policies and regulations at the construction sites. They need to keep themselves updated with the latest regulations and standards and determine the changes required in their existing policies. If a safety officer works efficiently they can reduce workers’ compensation by 37% and reduce the employee turnover ratio by 79%. If you are looking for a safety officer, you should contact health and safety recruitment agency to get the best candidates.

Construction Safety Officer

Site Safety Inspection

The construction safety officer is needed to inspect the site, tools, and equipment to make sure nothing is leading to a hazardous situation. If there’s any sign of hazard, the safety officer is responsible to eliminate it from the site. The officers need to regularly check the tools and equipment for any breakage or defect. They also need to determine the personal protective equipment needed for the workers and train the workers in using them in the right manner at the right time.

Construction Safety Training – The safety officer is required to participate proactively in training the workers and staffs to remain safe while working on different projects. The officer requires identifying special requirements for employees and training them accordingly. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates it for safety officers to train employees about prevention plans, hazardous material handling, and machine guarding.

Accident Investigation

 Some accidents may happen on construction site even after all the efforts of the safety officer. In that case, the construction safety officer needs to conduct an accident investigation to search for the root cause of the accident. He needs to gather reliable evidence to identify and prove the cause of the accident. Once he is able to determine the cause he needs to document his findings and the recommendation for preventing such incidents to happen in future.

Record Keeping

In addition to the roles discussed above a safety officer also needs to do a lot of record keeping. For the purpose of recording, a construction safety officer needs to review and meet all the recommended state and federal safety standards. He needs to keep a detailed record of all the accidents that resulted in lost work time, restricted duties or a transfer of job. These details are then submitted to OSHA through form 300. He is also required to arrange OSHA mandated testing and evaluation of the workplace and sites by some external agencies or the consultants.

If you, as an individual, love to care for others you may consider joining the construction industry as a safety officer.

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