Green Card Lottery

If you are looking to make US your permanent home or residence, then it is vital to seek for US green card. US green card or permanent residency visa allow one to live and work with freedom in the country. The green card holders can apply for any type of job in the US and the need for additional work authorization is also eliminated.

Green card benefits:

It becomes easier to travel outside US and return to the country without any issues. The benefits and opportunities are endless if you get the green card.

You enjoy the ability to sponsor your relatives and your family can enjoy the same right to work and live in US. Once you get the green card for five years, you also qualify to apply for US citizenship. There are many social benefits, tax benefits, etc. which you can take advantage of. However, getting a green card is not easy. A lot of green card applicants need to wait for ten years or more for the same. So what can be done?

Green Card Lottery

Green card lottery is the official program that is offered by the government of United States to give permanent residency or US green card to the residents in the country who have a low immigration ratio from last five years in US. It is officially named as diversity lottery or DV lottery system. The lottery is conducted every year and this system began in 1990 by the immigration act to issue green cards to people who participate in the lottery. If you win the lottery, you win the permanent residency in US.

Millions of people take part in green card lottery and the winner is decided via random computer generated lottery draw. It depends on your luck because only 50,000 green cards are issued t people all over the world. This is the finest and the best method to achieve permanent visa and green card to US.

Procedure to participate in lottery and eligibility requirements:

To participate in the lottery, you would need to fill an application online on but before you file for the application, you need to qualify for participation. The eligibility criteria need to be met by the applicant.

For DV lottery regions that have low immigration rate are considered. However, in the past five years if a particular country sends more than 50000 immigrants to the US then the citizens do not qualify to participate in the lottery. In any fiscal year no country must receive more than 7 percent of available DV’s.

To qualify for the lottery, one need to have high school education or its equivalent or have two years of work experience in a occupation that needs two years of training or experience. Formal course studies are considered and not the equivalent certificates or correspondence programs. Certain specified occupations are eligible for DV program which you need to check on the DOL website. If the requirement of eligible country and occupation is not met, then you should not submit your entry for the program.

Husband and wife can submit different entries and if either one is selected; the spouse is entitled for the status too. For more details, check the website and enroll yourself for the lottery which can help you get a green card if you lucky.

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