Guide to Write a Perfect Admission Essay

All the top universities and colleges in the UK and the US select students not only based on the grade but also by reviewing their essay writing skills. An admission essay is not an essay that can be written within a few hours without any preparation.  You need to spend a good amount of time in researching and studying about the college in which you are applying so that you can clearly mention why you want to join the college and what benefit the college can get by selecting you.

Most students, who do not have any idea about college admission essays, write it like a normal college essay and get rejected. In order to write a perfect college admission essay, it is important for the student to understand about the admission essay and the purpose of writing an admission essay.

Guide to Write a Perfect Admission Essay

Purpose of Writing an Admission Essay

Do you know why colleges ask students to write an admission essay? Most students without knowing the real purpose of an admission essay, struggle to write a comprehensive admission essay.

The aim of the admission essay is to know why the student wants to join the college and analyze the strengths and skills of the student that makes him unique. It is the sole responsibility of the student to come up with strong points to state clearly why he or she wants to join this college and why the college officials should select him? If the student fails to answer these points, officials will easily reject the admission application and move to another student.

Students, when writing a college admission essay, need to make it engaging and interesting to read. The following are some points you need to include in your essay to make it interesting.

Points to Include in Your College Admission Essay

  • What makes this college special? – It is important for the student to mention why this college is different and special and why he or she wants to join this college. It is important to include some history about the college to make it interesting and trustworthy.
  • Why you are a good fit? – Once you have clearly mentioned why you wish to join the college, the next point to include in your college admission essay is to indicate why the college officials must select you ahead of others. It is important for a student to include his or her strong points and how it will benefit the college. If you have any unique skills, it is important to mention them as well in the college admission essay.
  • What are your expectations from the college? – Finally, you need to include a section in your college admission essay about what you expect from the college and the role they play in shaping up your career. Through this, you can make it clear to the college officials that you are someone with a strong vision.


For students who don’t know how to go ahead with an admission essay, the above points may help in preparing a strong admission essay.  If you are still not sure about preparing an admission essay, then, it is better to get the help of a professional essay writing agency like that has excellent writers who are capable of producing high quality admission essays.

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