How to Best Manage Your Time During the Dreaded Job Search

Let’s face it—the job search is no picnic. However, it’s a necessary evil in life that, if done properly, can be extremely rewarding. If you’ve been sending out email after email but haven’t received a single interview request, you’re doing something wrong. Before you waste any more of your time (after all, you have your bank account to think about), the Los Angeles finance recruiters at Beacon Resources encourage you to implement these three job search time management techniques:

Dreaded Job Search

Start Early

It’s understandable that the last thing you want to think about first thing in the morning is your lack of employment, but that’s the best time to do so. Most people’s brains function best in the morning, so take advantage of that time to draft a cover letter, tweak your resume and send out a few emails. Once your brain starts to go into overdrive, stop reaching out to people and start looking for more jobs, a task that doesn’t require nearly as much brainpower.

Apply Only to Jobs That You’re Qualified For

Too many job seekers apply to jobs that they want to be qualified for, but aren’t actually qualified for. Doing this is a waste of both yours and the employer’s time. Take your time to not only find jobs that fit your skillset, but also, to search for companies with a culture you would be happy to be apart of. You don’t want to land the job only to find that you dislike both the position and the company, as that will put you right back to square one.

Take Time for Yourself

Though employers are certainly interested in what job related skills you have to offer, they are also interested in whom you are as a person. Take time to focus on what makes you happy while you can. When you do land an interview, your positive demeanor will shine through and likely make a huge impression on the interviewer.

Use these tips from the job recruiters in Orange County and hopefully you’ll land the job of your dreams in no time.

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