How To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Fast: Here Are Some Tips

Your credit cards could quite possibly be your saving grace at any moment in time. Hence, it is important to keep your cards in check at all times. Through good monitoring, you will know exactly how much has been spent on the card at what point in time. If you fail to do this, however, then you will most likely find yourself in debt. As we all know, credit card debt is quite possibly one of the worst situations that you can find yourself in.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips as to how to pay off credit card debt fast. Getting rid of this debt as soon as possible is the way to go as most credit cards come with a high interest – the longer you take in paying off your debt, the higher the interest. In essence, what could have been paid off in a smaller amount will gradually increase over time. Hence, paying it as soon as possible is the most logical step and should be acted upon immediately.

Credit Card Debt Fast

Pay Off The Card With The Highest Balance

If you have multiple credit cards, make sure to pay off the card with the highest interest rate. This is essential as the high interest rate causes your bill to skyrocket. Of course, do not forget to make the monthly payments to your other cards as well – but pay the minimum amount first and use the extra cash to pay off debt from your card with the most expensive balance.

This strategy is known as the “debt avalanche” – it is known to be one of the more effective strategies as you would have paid off all your debts with the least amount overall interest. While it makes sense to pay off your debts, it certainly does not make sense to pay bills caused by high interest rates.

Ask Your Bank For A Lower Interest Rate

Sometimes, all it really takes is a phone call to your bank to ask them for a lower interest rate. If they see that you have a good credit score, then they will most definitely grant you your request. In fact, they can cut off a percent or two; though it may seem small, this can help you save hundreds of dollars in just a few months.

However, if you do not make payments on time and you have a poor credit score, then they will not be of help. For this reason, show them that you deserve the lower interest rate on your credit card.

Try A Balance Transfer

You have to be smart about this one. If you really need to transfer balance from a lower interest card to a higher interest card to pay off debts, then do it cautiously. This idea best works for those who have just gotten a new credit card as the introductory interest rate is usually low (for about 12 to 18 months). With that said, you will need to be committed to paying off the debt within the given time frame. If you fail to do so, your bill could potentially be much higher than the one you just finished paying off.

If you choose to do this, make sure to not use your “new” card to make purchases as the low interest rate is not applicable in this case. More importantly, with a balance transfer is a balance transfer fee – this could be about 3 to 4 percent of your total transfer. Make sure to check with your bank, though, as the fee varies.

So, there you have it – just a few tips with regard to how to pay off credit card debt fast. Learn more at or visit to learn more.
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