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IBC Tote Discovery: Uncovering The Container’s Kinds, Uses, and Service Provider

People live in a world where containers are used for a variety of purposes – sellers shipping products by the use of boxes, manufacturers storing solvents with the use of pallet tanks, and a lot more. Even at home, people have containers which they utilize in stocking old stuff and piling scattered toys.

When talking about containers, a huge number of them is found everywhere. As for this discussion, which is about intermediate bulk container totes, they are designed for specific uses which include the storing or transporting of bulk liquid such as solvents, pharmaceuticals, and food ingredients. IBC totes are mounted on a pallet which is then moved with the use of a pallet jack. These containers come in a variety of ranges situated between tanks and drums.

IBC Tote Discovery

Different Types of IBC Totes

IBC totes come in various kinds, namely:

o   Folding IBC

Folding IBCs are made of heavy plastic. Their sides bend right in the interior whenever it is empty. This is done to collapse it into a much smaller package.

o   Plastic Composite IBC

This is a type of IBC which offers a translucent plastic container being enclosed in a tubular galvanized iron cage. As for the cage, it is strongly attached to a pallet.

o   Intermediate Bulk Containers

These are containers made from wood, aluminum, fiberboard, carbon steel, galvanized iron, and heavy gauge plastic.

o   Heavy Gauge Plastic IBC

This is a type of IBC tote which is made from reinforced plastic. It fully needs no steel cage and holds a pallet. As for the pallet, such is molded right into the container’s bottom to come out as a single piece unit.

o   Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

These are IBCs which come from polypropylene bags and woven polyethylene. They are constructed for storing and transporting sand and fertilizers.

Recycling IBC Tote for the Environment

Everyone surely has heard about recycling containers. It is mesmerizing to see people focusing on IBC Tote Recycling as it can:

o   Save energy

Studies show that when a person recycles 30% of his unused things, the energy that is saved is parallel to that of 11.9 billion gallons of oil. So here, the more things are recycled, the more savings are obtained with the earth’s energy.

o   Prevent pollution

Recycling IBC is a great way to lessen pollution in the environment. This surely makes the supply of both air and water safe and enjoyable for everyone.

o   Improve economy

It is outstanding to see everyone recycling totes and containers as the activity boosts the economy.

When Choosing a Recycling Company to Help

There might be myriads of IBC Tote Recycling companies near you. Choosing even one is already a great way to help save the environment. But of course, when it comes to a thorough option, you need to:

o   Inspect the company’s licensing.

o   See the company’s services.

o   Checking out their recycling tools.

o   Asking for their service’s overall price.


IBCs are in a variety of shapes and sizes. People use them in a lot of ways. If you have bought these containers to use in your company, it would be best to recycle them. But, if you are having a hard time doing the task, then why not allow a reputable recycling service provider to do the job for you? You only need one company for that. Be sure to select the one who is registered, licensed, and professional.

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