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Increase Security of Mobile Applications Using Verification Solutions

The Ipsidy is the best company that provides the safe and secure services for digital transactions, biometric detections, and identity management services. In the modern world, secure digital transactions, and identity management is very difficult to handle. Sometimes, hackers hack the digital transaction account and breaching the account. The Ipsidy provides the best and more secure solutions to make the unbreakable security of the account and verify the identity.  The main motive of the Ipsidy platform is providing clients quickly and secures service. In the world, technology is growing very quickly but is also fight with account breaches and stolen identification information.

The main Vision of the Ipsidy is offering the best and more secure solutions to the people for keeping the safe account and identity information. They use the two most reliable technologies are multi-factor authentication and biometric identification. They also provide the more secure and safe solutions to the clients. These solutions are based on the AVT mean access, verify and transact. These solutions are more beneficial to build the proper security of the digital transaction accounts and identity information. Verifying your identity is very important these days to make strong security. Verify by Ipsidy offers the product like mobile identity portal that verifies the client identity and fiscal transactions financial records through the convenience of the mobile device. Click here, to know more about the solution verified by Ipsidy.

Increase Security of Mobile Applications

Confirmed caller detection: If you want to know about the people who call you, you do not need to recall the user. You just download the app of Ipsidy identity portal and log in the portal. After login, you need to search the number; you can easily find the identity of the caller person.

Caller experience: With the additional feature of the Ipsidy, the caller can capture the selfie to authenticating their identity. The Ipsidy provides the best feature is when people smile or blink, then capture the image and stored in a secure platform.

The main motive of the Ipsidy makes the advanced level security for caller and transactions authenticate. The solutions of verified by Ipsidy offers the next level security resolution to easily validate the caller’s identity and as well as transactions identity. Biometric is the best identity verification and the digital signature is the more popular security solutions in these days. There are various verification solutions presents in these days. The verifications types are:

SMS Notification: It is the more secure method to verify the identity of the user and digital transactions.  When you transact the money then you will get before the transaction and after the transaction, SMS notification to verify for security.

Use Pin: To make a secure platform, you can also use the digitally lock pin methods. When you will open, then you need to verify the pin.

Biometric data: It is the most popular security method to verify the right user authentications. If you are, prefer more authentications solutions for your mobile application, and then you can visit the Ipsidy official webpage through