Product Development Services


Prototype house is well known for its services in the product development. They pride in themselves for being a service which is full and a complete one in the firm of the product development. They discuss your concept like building invention prototype, 3D CAD files, designing packaging and collaborating on the drawings of the patent, setting up manufacturing. This prototype house will provide the product development services which are the tailored ones. You can contact them right now, today and learn about the each and every phase in the product development. There are free consultations and browse around this site as they provide you a detailed and wealth information to help you in the product development journey of yours.

While developing your product you may face many challenges and steps which are crucial of the industrial design, intellectual property which will include the trademarks and the patents, Engineering, prototyping, branding and the manufacturing. These phases will be serving as the road map and help in the reduction of risk along the journey of the development of the product. For further queries, questions and doubts regarding this you can contact the number which is provided in the website.

Product Development Services

Industrial Design

This is the corner stone of the top selling and the beautiful products. The team of the designers will be illustrating the concepts which are initial and the basic ones by giving more importance to the benefits and the possible features. The design team will be working with the team of the engineering to make sure or ensure that your design can be efficiently produced. The team of the industrial design will impact your product’s many facets which includes the ergonomics, geometry, human factors, user experience, colours pallet, packaging, internal components and many more.

Mechanical Engineering

There is so much difference between the prototype house and others and the main feature is that they design the actual manufacturing which is the end goal keeping in mind. But by contrast many other companies will do your product designing and its parts with movements and undercuts which are simply not practical or viable once the product will be reaching the phase of manufacturing. This is big step and the most excited step to transition or change from the 3D modelling to the production or manufacturing.

This prototype house will do the things properly and correctly in the first time itself so that the parts of the product will be functioning properly and will be fitting properly which will ensure that you are avoiding the additional costs and the unnecessary delay.

Patent Research & Protection

Your idea can be protected by filing for a patent which will keep competitors of yours at bay and will be helpful in avoiding the law suits. Their services will be in combination of the engineering, product research, legal counsel form the patent attorney which is registered. They will be designing your product with good background research which will be minimizing the risk of breach. This is all about the patent protection and the patent research.

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