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Sell Your House Fast: Tips For Choosing An Estate Agent

Your choice of an estate agent is as critical as selling or buying property. Therefore, you must make sure that your get the right agent. In fact, to simplify it, your choice of an estate agent will determine the price you will sell your property and if you will even sell the property at all. So then, how do you differentiate between the bad and good estate agents with agents promoting themselves?

Well, there are a number of things that can serve as pointers that can guide you as you look at the various estate agents before settling on the one you deem most ideal. Here are tips to help you choose the best estate agent to work with:

Sell Your House Fast

Ask for referrals. Talking to friends and family for referrals of estate agents they have previously worked with is one sure way of finding the best agent. As the agent’s past clients, they will give you an honest review of what to expect from the estate agent without being biased. You will do well to make a short list of the estate agents that have caught your attention and pursue them further before engaging them.

Look out for the agent’s license. It is important to ascertain that the estate agent is licensed to operate in your locality. Most importantly, check that they profess membership to a professional body. This is usually important when it comes to dispute resolution as you can seek the intervention of the professional body when necessary.

Determine if you will work with an online or traditional agent. While traditional estate agents have a physical office that you can visit, online agents don’t have offices. Therefore, you need to take into consideration the fact that online agencies are bound to charge up from fees, traditional agents will mostly charge you when they have made a successful sale. Consequently, you don’t pay them when there is no sale.

Look at the estate agent fees.Estate agents will usually charge a fee for them to sell your property. While this may be a percentage of the selling price of your property, there may be other costs that include photography and advertising. A good agent will take you through all these costs so that they do not bring them up once the sale is complete.

Ask the estate agent questions. You need to ask your prospective estate agent any questions you may have regarding their service. This may be anything from whether they will accompany prospective buyers to view the property to how often they will be in touch with you among other things. This is usually important in ensuring that you are aware of the progress of the sale process.

Consider the reputation of the estate agent. This is perhaps the most important factor for consideration when looking for an estate agent. By looking at the reputation, you are able to tell how fast the estate agents sell homes as well as their ability to achieve the asking price. You also need to find out if they are members of an ombudsman service. Overall, be sure to get as much information as possible about how good the estate agent is in executing their mandate.

Don’t make decisions based on valuations. Although it is true that most people will select estate agents based on the valuation reports they give. This is because some agents will give optimistic valuations giving you an impression that you can get a higher price only for them to talk you down once you have selected them. On the other hand, some agents may give you a price they claim to be realistic and warm.

It is important to keep in mind that your choice of estate agent will determine how fast you will sell your house and at what price. Thus, you will do well to make sure that you get it right from the get go.

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