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Tools for Protecting Your Data in Visual Data Rooms

With the amount of data being shared nowadays, it is very important for organizations to secure their data especially the confidential ones. With hackers and online scammers quite prevalent, the more you need to secure your data. Employees all get the feeling that the information they upload on the web might be leaked and misused. If your company has sensitive information, you need to consider a virtual data room to protect that information. There are many data protection platforms nowadays but how do you protect them? Here are some of the features you need to look for.

Two Step Verification

With the abilities of hackers nowadays, it is not enough to use one password only to access your data room. To ensure the complete protection of your online repository, multi-platform user authentication should be applied. Once you enter the initial password in order to gain access to the virtual data room, you should also receive an additional SMS code which can change from one session to another.

Data in Visual Data Rooms

Encryption of Data

When files are not encrypted, it can be easily viewed on the device of unauthorized users. This means stolen documents can be easily displayed on any computer. On the other hand, encrypted files would not be accessible to unauthorized users.

Use of Firewalls

Firewalls can protect your data from potential external intrusion, virus attack, and others. It also helps eliminate the risk of any breach.

Use of Watermarks

Dynamic watermarks are designed to help identify a user who has downloaded or printed a document. Files will usually contain the name of the user who performed a certain action and the time when the action took place. This makes access to the file by an unauthorized user virtually impossible.

Digital Rights Management

Room administrators should be given permission to manage digital rights of all the users. Not all employees should have the right to download documents. The administrator should be given the right to select files that users can view, limit printing and download, and set an expiry period meaning rights to access certain documents is revoked.

Fence View Tool

The fence view tool protects data from the risk of camera-based attacks. With this feature, users who have been blocked from using the PrintScreen button will not be capable of taking screenshots of the files.

Backup Data Server

Data stored on your VDR should be spread out on several servers. In case one of the servers breaks down, all your files will not be destroyed as an additional copy of the entire room is being stored on another server.

These are the common security tools and features that you should look for in a data room. While you may not need them all, the more tools you apply, the more secured and stable your working environment will be.

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