Types of Banners

Banners are one of the most popular print-based advertising items. Banners can offer high-quality printing and large format image displays that grab the attention of consumers. Banners can be used in tradeshows, storefronts, offices, seminars and anywhere else where you want to intrigue potential business to learn more about your company. Banners can be ideal for promotional effort, increasing business or brand exposure and for informing your consumers about specific products services or sales.

There are several banner materials, styles and design options that can make your banners perfect for you needs. Roll up banners, hung up canvas banners and framed banners are all available. Vinyl, mesh and fabric banners materials all have separate benefits. Banner printing can help your booth, office space or presentation stand out.

Types of Banners

Roll Up Banners

Roll up banners offer a high-quality print banner item that also promotes setup and storage efficiency. Roll up banner can be effectively customised with different design styles and materials. Roll-up banners can be used to introduce a tradeshow booth display or can offer an eye-catching logo design. Roll-up stands can be made to better suit the indoor and outdoor events. Roll up banners can be made in fabric, mesh and vinyl materials.

Canvas Banners

Canvas banners are upscale and are ideal for black-tie events, galas or other controlled traffic events. These banners offer a textured and painted look, which provides a more clear and formal display. Canvas banners are digitally printed and can be designed to suit your exact preferences.

Banner Stands

Framed banners can offer a much more ÒpoppingÓ design for your banners. Frames are available in a number of styles and can be ideal for variable banner styles and sizes. Some common styles of banner stands are:

* H-Frame Stands Ð H-frame stands have a very sturdy base and offer increased floor clearance for your banner. The frames have top and bottom bars that banner edges are clipped into. These frames can hold banners that are between 94 cm and 244 cm tall and are up to 76 cm wide. H-frame stands are ideal for high traffic indoor events as the stands are sturdy and provide a floating look to your printed banner.

* X-Frame Stands Ð X-frame stands offer the most efficient setup times and are very lightweight. Grommets installed into the corners of the banner are attached to each of the four x-frame posts. These banner stands effectively hold banners that are between 122 cm and 244 cm tall.

* L-Frame Stands Ð L-frames have adjustable frames that can apply a number of creative angles to your banner. L-frames are made with the least amount of frame material making them the easiest to transport. L-frame stands work well with banners sizes of 122 cm to 244 cm tall and up to 76 cm wide

Banner Materials

Different banner materials are better suited for variable settings and images. 3 common banner materials are:

* Mesh Banners Ð Mesh banners are made with countless small holes throughout the banner. This allows the wind to blow through the banners without causing excessive waving, which makes mesh banners perfect for outdoor displays and events.

* Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners are waterproof, offer high-quality imagery and are better suited for indoor events. Thinner vinyl can be better for pop-up stand or roll up banners. While thicker vinyl is better for hung or canvas banners as the vinyl will not roll up when it hangs for a long time.

* Fabric Banners Ð Fabric banners are made with matte or satin fabrics and are printed using dye sublimation. This allows fabric banners to print with the utmost quality and look more upscale than vinyl banners. Though, fabric banners can be easily stained or torn, so they are only ideal for controlled and lower traffic events or for the interior of busy tradeshow booths.

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