What You Should Know About Car Shipping Quote From USA To Europe: Shipping Process And More

Cars in Europe are, in general, expensive, so if you’re moving to the continent from the USA, you may want to bring the vehicle with you. To help you plan properly, know the car shipping quote from USA to Europe as well as the delivery process.

How Car Shipping from USA to Europe Works

Thanks to tech, shipping vehicles from USA to Europe is possible, although the process can be complicated and tedious. Usually, it involves the following:

*Mode of transport: Shipping your car may be through cargo, roll on roll off (RoRo), and plane. In cargo, the shipping company can place your vehicle in a storage or a specific section of the ship for security and protection. In RoRo, shipper loads the vehicle but should be driven in and out in every port. Flying your car means treating your vehicle as a cargo.

Car Shipping Quote From USA To Europe

*Pickup and destination: Most of the car shipments happen port to port. If you’re living near a port, consider yourself lucky. If not, you have to find a shipper that has a branch or an agent within your state. There are only few ports in the United States where your vehicles can come from, and these include New Jersey and New York. However, they can deliver your vehicle to many countries in Europe.

*Duration: Barring shipping problems like inclement weather, cars traveling from the USA take a week or two before they arrive in Europe. It’s rare to have your car shipped on the same day it arrives in the port. Of course, flying your car is shorter.

*Paperwork: Be ready to prepare a lot of documents! This is because laws can differ between USA and the car’s destination in Europe. In the USA, you need the vehicle’s original title, passport or EIN letter, and bill of sale. You also need to have the car cleared in customs. Once it reaches Europe, you need to go through customs and present import documents, among others.

Knowing the Best Car Shipping Quote from USA to Europe

Part of prepping your vehicle for shipping is knowing the best company to deal with. For this, you need to know how to get the best shipping quote. It’s important to remember cheap doesn’t mean savings. Instead, focus on the value you get from the company.

So you can evaluate these shipping quotes better, here are some of the factors that can affect the costs:

*Distance covered – The farther you are from the port, the more expensive the fees can get, especially if the company has to hire an agent for pickup. You may also have to pay a premium for door-to-door delivery.

Tariffs – Usually, you have to pay customs and other charges once the car arrives in Europe.

*Date of delivery – Fixed dates tend to be more expensive than flexible ones since the company may have to bump off other customers in your favor.

*Size of the car – Companies charge more for bigger vehicles for the simple reason they take up more space.

*Number of vehicles – If you want to save money, consider shipping multiple cars at once to take advantage of discounts.

Make your move to Europe smooth sailing. Get a car shipping quote from USA to Europe as early as possible to give you enough time to evaluate your options and make the right decision.

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